About the Illinois Sports Concussion Network

The Concussion Hub provides information about sports-related concussions and addresses the need for comprehensive school concussion policy development.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2010) appropriate concussion “management is essential for reducing the risk of long-term symptoms and complications”.

Comprehensive school based concussion management includes prevention strategies, identification of concussion injuries, treatment plans, and procedures for return to school and play.

Comprehensive management requires involvement of families, schools, and medical professionals before, during, and after a concussion injury.

Many communities groups, associations, and businesses have done great work in advancing concussion laws, yet many school concussion policies still need to include better concussion identification programs along with greater management of everyone involved in concussion care.

For such a potentially serious injury, it is imperative for every school to have a comprehensive concussion management policy in place.

Awareness Outreach

Pressure to return to play is a natural event. Players feel they owe it to the team and themselves. Players also feel others expect them to play. Whether these feelings are true or false players need to realize they have symptoms and need to sit out until they are symptom...
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